Concrete plant

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    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Mechanization appeared as a result of its efficiency in production process and movements aiming to establish a more efficient workplace order by reducing the number of employees. Mechanization can also be characterized as increasing efficiency by reducing effort. Thus, both production will be efficiency and companies will reduce their expenses. Haksan Group is one of the companies making a lot of machines and providing their installations. It is managing both production from scratch and its secondary market of many services such as industrial machines, heavy duty machines, road construction machines.[/font][/size]


    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Haksan Group has a globally full-scale exportation as well as following a successful direction only as a national organization. It provides support by providing production of domestic and foreign machines.[/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Haksan asphalt plant, grouting machine, stone breaking line, concrete plant products are the leading products. It is provided that construction works and roadworks are carried out quickly with asphalt plant, stone breaking line, concrete plant and grouting machine.[/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia,]The most quality and devoted works are carried out in the process where ingredients are made such as asphalt plant and stone breaking line. Thus, a durable product is created which is intended to be used for a long time.[/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia,]What is grouting machine?[/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Grouting machine is a product which is generally used in plastic production. Plastic grouting machine is used for creating the shape of plastic. Grouting machines are the most preferred machines for productions in various size and function. Within the body of Haksan Group, there are three machine types under the name of plastic and grouting machine. These machines are also divided into types in themselves.[/font][/size]
    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Grouting Machine Types[/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Grouting machines are collected in three categories basically: Horizontal grouting machine, vertical grouting machine, auxiliary equipment. There are 10 models composing horizontal grouting machines. These models are; HKS 30T, HKS 60T, HKS100T, HKS160T, HKS 210T, HKS 270T, HKS 330T, HKS 400T, HKS 500T, HKS 600T. Clamp fastening systems provide convenience in stage of controlling time period in which production is made. Besides, there are also some functions such as sensitive mold protection for a lot of models.[/font][/size]

    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Vertical Grouting Models are less in comparison to horizontal models. These are; HKS 55V, HKS 85V, HKS 120V, HKS 160V, HKS 200V. [/font][/size]
    [size=small][font=Georgia,]Auxiliary equipment are raw material dryer, breaking machine, top loader, bottom loader, raw material mixer, mold conditioner, heat-exchanger, water discharge indicator.[/font][/size]

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